Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
I adopted Kellogg in March. He has grown to be a beautiful boy. He was a little anxious to begin with, and has been taking classes and is doing well. He loves his food, his companion dog Barney, his walks and will play all day if you let him. Can't imagine life without him. 
Thanks to you and to his foster parent for bringing us together. 
Best wishes, Barbara.


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017

Little Dora

Our sweet surprise

Ours forever

No compromise


A loudmouth girl

So short in stance

Fits right in

Did from first glance


From belly rubs

And toys for miles

Fills us with joy

And endless smiles


What she gives to us

We can never repay

And so to you

Little Mutts we say


Thank you

For this gift you gave

By rescuing her

It's us you saved



Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Hi there good folks at little mutts rescue!
We wanted to share how Jackson is doing since we adopted him in September.
He immediately fit in like the missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle! 
Our other rescue dog Golda just adores him and has turned out to be a fabulous teacher!
 Jackson is the companion she needed and in return she has made the handicap of being deaf disappear for Jackson as he watches her every move!
 We  are so glad to have Jackson in our family and appreciate organizations like Little Mutts Rescue that give dogs like Jackson a second chance! He has sooooo much love to give! He is so happy he's always smiling!
Jay Lisa Golda and Jackson


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017

We adopted Olive in October, 2016 – and she has become the love of our lives!  She has fit in so perfectly into our family and has brought us so much joy.  She loves napping in the sunshine on our couch during the day and cuddling in our bed at night!  She gets really excited when her leash comes out and the sweater goes on, because that means it’s walk time!!  We could not be happier with our little Olive and are forever grateful to Little Mutts Rescue Society for allowing us to give Olive a forever home.  By the way, the little black and white puppy in the photos is a more recent addition to our family, Oscar.  Olive has come to quite enjoy Oscar – we are seeing a very playful side of her coming out now!  She was a little standoffish at first, but they are fast friends now and I’m so happy to say they play together all the time, and love to share toys!!


Again, thank you for the important work you do – you have made a tremendously positive change in our lives – we love our little Olive!!



Kindest regards,

Paul and Melissa Charlier


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Little KC (formerly Michelle) came to us as a sweet but sadly fearful little girl.  She was afraid of doors, and stairs, and floors without carpeting (hardwood/lino). Also afraid of new places and new people, and roads with traffic.

Over the last 12 weeks she’s been adapting to her new home with us and her new big brother (also LMR rescue), Finnegan.  She loves running around in our huge yard, and now will happily chase big brother Finnegan back into the house (through the scary door!).  She navigates the stairs of 3 levels of our 4 level split home with ease (some day soon we’ll get her through the scary door into the basement), including going up to bed on her own, to the all-hardwood top level! Now when she meets new people, instead of withdrawing into a corner, frozen in fear, she approaches with excited yips and play-bows.

Lots of room for improvement, still, but her transformation from a withdrawn, fearful little dog, to her happy, bouncy, playful little self has been a joy to watch.  I’ve included a video, so you can see her mischievous side.

Regards, Lori & Trever


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
We have had a wonderful time with Poppy so far!! She has been an absolute joy to have in our home and has filled her roll as Rubie’s little sister very well. The girls are best of friends and love sleeping and playing together. They are learning from each other every day and it has helped with both of their indoor and outdoor behaviours. We are just so happy and Thrilled we have her in our home and want to thank little mutts rescue as well as Lesley ( her foster) for allowing us to adopt her into our family. We have taken the girls to see santa recently and they did very well!! 

Love from Stephanie and Tyrell. Happy Holidays!!


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Thought you might like to see some pictures of Bunny. She is doing SO well. Mom (Cicily) brought a backpack for hiking and a little sled for winter walks. I think the family has a cabin around Canmore. She's a happy girl, doing well with her new sister Kiwi and her cousin Nila.

Cheers......Merry Christmas!!


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Chupy has not only helped me to get over the loss of my beloved Jack Russell "Peanut" whom I never thought could be replaced he is my constant companion, support and friend for a lonely single man going through some difficult times and health issues, be rest assured nothing terminal at least in most likelihood.
Chupy my little friend and Cairn Terrier and Chinese Crested Mix is so attentive, dedicated and disciplined and listens so well to me that the only time he is distracted is when he hears or see's little children and other dogs or cats all of which he loves so much, he has never met a living creature he did not love.

Chupy is now affectionately known by me and several neighbours and friends as "The Cat Whisperer".
The first day I brought Chupy home he walked into our home gently and gingerly walked up to my cat Coco, they touched noses and became instant friends, I was so totally pleased with that scenario it made me cry, but I chalked it up to Coco having been so in love with my dog Peanut before we lost her.

Chupy is the most animated bigger than life little 11 pound character I have ever known and love!
He is very content, secure and happy in our home and anybody who meets him comments on how well adjusted he is and what a gentle and quiet soul he is, he rarely barks and does so only when necessary.

This little 11 pound hombre from East L.A has never been scared of any other being and I am sure he thinks he is ten feet tall and bullet-proof but as gentle as a humming-bird!

If ever Little Mutts Rescue needs anything from Chupy or myself we will be there with bells on or at least the ting of two dog tags bumping together.

With Much Love, Appreciation & Gratitude,

Chupy, Coco & Scott Harley, Friends & Family



Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Diego has been a wonderful addition to my home.  My family come to visit and spoil him on a regular basis.  He has learned to trust again.  I take him everywhere I go and in a few weeks he will be flying, (under my seat) to Phoenix for a month to enjoy the warm weather.  He loves his little walks, but unfortunately it's to cold for him now, so we stay inside and snuggle.  Thank you Little Mutts Rescue Society for Diego I am a lucky and happy owner.
Mona Jorgensen

Luna the light of my life

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Hey guys!

I can't believe it's almost been 5 years since Luna joined our family.

She's doing amazing and is the absolute light of my life. She still loves walks, and going to daycare. Since my last update, we've welcomed a little person into our home, and she's absolutely obsessed with said tiny human and they're the best of friends, especially since the kiddo feeds Luna constantly (and they share spoons... gross).

Thanks again for saving my perfect little dog!