Happy Tails

Pixie aka Clementine

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, June 23, 2019
Hi my name is Pixie (I was named Clementine when I was with Little Mutts but that didn't suit me well) and I'm a good girl. I personally rescued my forever family last November. Since then my rescue mission has been a busy one.

My family is Mom, Dad and Grandma and let me tell you, it's a good thing I rescued them because I'm their personal trainer (we go for two or three walks a day), their security system (I don't bark very much - only when I have to) and my Grandma's LPN when she had her hip replaced in March. The latter was making sure that Grandma was tucked in really well and her legs elevated, then I had to climb on her and give her a kiss on her nose each time.

When Mom came and got me to take me home it was snowing outside and it was the first time I'd experienced this kind of weather (L.A. doesn't get snow) and I didn't like it. So Mom and Dad had to buy me winter clothes that I wore when I took them for a walk. I really hate the cold. Now that the sun is back I love hanging out in our backyard. Two times I ran out of the yard, which scared Mom, but I never went very far because I love my home and my family. 

I've got my Mom on a daily schedule of walking and she has lost over ten pounds so far. I, on the other hand, have gained about two pounds but I can't help it because my food is so good (a bit of kibble with Roll Over in the morning and a bit of grated carrot at night). I play a lot though and that keeps me fit and trim. I have a ton of toys and I play on the bed when Mom tries to make it in the morning. I also survived a home renovation and everyone appreciated my patience and gentle nature during this process.

One thing I have a bit of trouble with is getting my nails cut so Mom takes me to the vet for this. After I get my nails cut I like to run around my house and jump and play. I'm learning to socialize with other dogs and I absolutely love kids - I say hi to everyone on my walks. One day my mom came home with a bunch of stuffies and I thought they were all for me - sadly they weren't. Nonetheless, Mom let me keep a couple and took a pic of me with all of them (see attached). Aren't I cute? Mom always tells me that I am the cutest dog in the whole wide world. Dad sings me songs with my name in it. Grandma sneaks me food when she thinks Mom and Dad aren't looking. Mom, Dad and Grandma give me snuggles every day which I need and love. 

I'm happy I rescued my family, they are healthier (mentally, spiritually and physically) because we are together now and I'm going to live here and thrive with my forever family forever! Thank you Little Mutts Rescue for hooking us up, it was an answer to all of our prayers.


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, June 23, 2019

Our little Brindie is doing very well. We have had her for one year now. She was very timid and shy when we got her, but now is just a regular family member. She has a big sister dog ( a long time ago rescue from Little Mutts) who looks out for her and a big brother older parent dog who Brindie loves and cuddles with. 

She gets very good food and a lot of exercise with her siblings as they go to the dog park regularly. She has some very funny antics and we all love her very much. We have a very large yard and she loves to just poke around and get exercise and be curious. She has been to our vet. clinic for shots and nail trims and they all thought she was adorable.

Ollie aka Rusty

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, June 23, 2019
We adopted Ollie (aka Rusty) in October of 2018.  He came to us a skittish, underweight little guy.  It took him a few months to really settle in but now he is living the high life!  He sleeps in our bed with us and his fur sister Ari (whom he loves), gets lots of treats and loves to find dirt to roll in outside.  He goes to the groomer regularly to keep him looking his best and smelling pretty!  His favorite thing is belly rubs.
He is still skittish with strangers and has earned the name "Lick, lick, wigglebum"  because he will run up, give the hand a couple licks and run away, all while his butt is wiggling back and forth!
He is an absolute doll and we could not imagine life without him!  
Thanks so much for rescuing this sweet little ball of love!

Lenny Update

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, June 05, 2019

It has already been a year since Lenny came to live with us. He has adapted quite well. Together, him and I, we passed the tests to be a member of PALS therapy dogs. He was accepted and we are now happy friends of other PALS families, visitors of retirement homes and participants at other PALS events. Lenny is friendly and kind to everybody and I thank Little Mutts for granting a second chance to such a wonderful dog.

Proud to be his mom!