Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Thought you might like to see some pictures of Bunny. She is doing SO well. Mom (Cicily) brought a backpack for hiking and a little sled for winter walks. I think the family has a cabin around Canmore. She's a happy girl, doing well with her new sister Kiwi and her cousin Nila.

Cheers......Merry Christmas!!


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Chupy has not only helped me to get over the loss of my beloved Jack Russell "Peanut" whom I never thought could be replaced he is my constant companion, support and friend for a lonely single man going through some difficult times and health issues, be rest assured nothing terminal at least in most likelihood.
Chupy my little friend and Cairn Terrier and Chinese Crested Mix is so attentive, dedicated and disciplined and listens so well to me that the only time he is distracted is when he hears or see's little children and other dogs or cats all of which he loves so much, he has never met a living creature he did not love.

Chupy is now affectionately known by me and several neighbours and friends as "The Cat Whisperer".
The first day I brought Chupy home he walked into our home gently and gingerly walked up to my cat Coco, they touched noses and became instant friends, I was so totally pleased with that scenario it made me cry, but I chalked it up to Coco having been so in love with my dog Peanut before we lost her.

Chupy is the most animated bigger than life little 11 pound character I have ever known and love!
He is very content, secure and happy in our home and anybody who meets him comments on how well adjusted he is and what a gentle and quiet soul he is, he rarely barks and does so only when necessary.

This little 11 pound hombre from East L.A has never been scared of any other being and I am sure he thinks he is ten feet tall and bullet-proof but as gentle as a humming-bird!

If ever Little Mutts Rescue needs anything from Chupy or myself we will be there with bells on or at least the ting of two dog tags bumping together.

With Much Love, Appreciation & Gratitude,

Chupy, Coco & Scott Harley, Friends & Family



Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Diego has been a wonderful addition to my home.  My family come to visit and spoil him on a regular basis.  He has learned to trust again.  I take him everywhere I go and in a few weeks he will be flying, (under my seat) to Phoenix for a month to enjoy the warm weather.  He loves his little walks, but unfortunately it's to cold for him now, so we stay inside and snuggle.  Thank you Little Mutts Rescue Society for Diego I am a lucky and happy owner.
Mona Jorgensen

Luna the light of my life

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 15, 2017
Hey guys!

I can't believe it's almost been 5 years since Luna joined our family.

She's doing amazing and is the absolute light of my life. She still loves walks, and going to daycare. Since my last update, we've welcomed a little person into our home, and she's absolutely obsessed with said tiny human and they're the best of friends, especially since the kiddo feeds Luna constantly (and they share spoons... gross).

Thanks again for saving my perfect little dog!


Amy Gowertz - Monday, January 09, 2017
We adopted little Turbo on Oct. 2 2016 and he has fit in really well in our home. Darcy introduced us to him a few days before and we were so glad to be able to adopt him. At first he was very reluctant to walk and had to be got out of bed around 11:00 am then fed and taken outside. Since we don't have a fenced yard he has to be on a leash at all times when outside. He never makes any move to go outside on his own so we have made a point of taking him out in the morning and later afternoon and about 10 pm. After a few days when I suggested a walk he would willingly lead me to wherever he felt like going and often long distances. Then it snowed and he does not like snow being a little California boy so quite often it is just a short trip outside beside our house where we have shoveled the snow away for him. However on warmer days he will walk out on the sidewalk a few blocks and find a bit of grass maybe under a tree to do his business. He has never made any mess in our house even if we have to leave him for a few hours. He has a unique way of wrapping himself up in blankets that we put on our bed or other places for him, he flips them around until he is completely covered.as shown in one of the pictures. He will definitely tell us if someone comes to the door but once he has met whoever it is he quiets down. He enjoys the great grandkids when they come over and often he will climb into the chair with them when they are reading. He likes to cuddle with either of us in the chair as well. We think he must have had a good home before he came to Alberta on Sept. 24 and wish we knew more about why he had to be rescued and who his dog parents were before. He has brought a lot of joy into our home, thank you Little Mutts Rescue for finding little Turbo for us, he weighs about 8 lbs. and is 7 years old..


Georgia now Jojo

Amy Gowertz - Monday, January 09, 2017

I just wanted to let you know how Georgia, now Jojo, is getting on. After wiring all the garden the first day I brought Jojo home she managed to push her way out. my heart was in my mouth, but I managed to get hold of her before she went too far. We had to wood the bottom of our fence so she couldn't get out again. It took a little bit of time to get her properly house trained but now we have no problem she knows where she has to go. You know, we have fallen really lucky with Jo as she loves every human and every dog, she is such a happy little mutt, We have an elderly gent who calls and Jo will not leave his side she really loves him and a couple of times he's asked can he take her home, I'm thinking of volunteering at the local care home as I know Jo would love the interaction with the elderly. Thankyou again and I have told anyone interested in rescuing a small dog to get on your website 

Yours Julia


Amy Gowertz - Monday, January 09, 2017
Bebe is doing very well! We walk and cuddle a lot! She's such a sweetheart! I'm so happy to have adopted her!


Amy Gowertz - Monday, January 09, 2017

When I adopted Simba they told me that he wouldn't respond to his name so we could change it, but i had the hardest time finding a name for him when Simba suited him so well and since he was already 5 years old he had to know it already. I spent 8 days training him to respond to his name and he did! So we kept him as Simba. We were so scared that he wouldn't adjust in our home. 6 months later he has grown so much with his personality! He is very quiet and doesn't yet play with toys but he is still learning. He love to sit by the front door and watch the world pass by and he love to cuddle up on my lap for belly rubs or for naps. He now goes to my mom and dad as well for cuddles which is a huge success as well. Simba's life is full of all the love, cuddles and treats that he deserves ! 


Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I want to give you a little bit of an update on our new family member, Sophia.

At first, I think she was confused as to what was happening in her life. She had been brought to a shelter while pregnant and landed up staying for 2 years. Then she moved to Canada being picked up by one person, passed to others and finally to me, then the two of us coming home to more pets and a new man, whom she did not like at first. She growled at Rick and snapped at him a few times, even after he gave her chicken, which seems to be her favorite food. (We raise our own free range chicken.) 

As you can see from the attached photos, Sophia is quite happy to be cuddling with Rick now. We arrived home late on December 5, so it's been barely a week and she has settled in very well and sleeping with us every night. Each morning we have a couple of hours of playtime before getting up for the day. Sophia loves playing, rolling around on her back and gently nibbling my fingers, rolling around some more, then getting down on her haunches to bark rapidly at the other dogs playing on the bed. It's hilarious and tons of fun.

She greets our friends at the door with a bark and a tail wag and gets super excited when Rick or I come home from town (too cold for her to come for the ride -8 today...brrr). She follows me all over the house. In fact, she was sitting here eyeing me as I sit in my computer chair, so I picked her up. Right now she is supervising my letter writing and licking my finger and my chin. 

Sophia doesn't like being outside in the cold, so she goes out the patio door, then she and Felix run like the dickens to get through the dog door back into the warmth...without doing her business. I'd say she goes outside about 80% of the time. Chihuahuas are not made for the cold.

Sophia is very food motivated and will steal our food. I have no problem training her to use her manners, but it will take a little bit of time and patience. Rick and I love Sophia and call her our little German Shepherd as her markings are similar. She's a cutie pie and a real cuddly love.

I want to thank you all and everybody else who made this adoption a success. I am glad that one more dog has a home until they day they die a natural or peaceful death. I just wish I could take more.

Keep up the good work.

Kind Regards,


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, December 11, 2016

I wanted to give you an update on Odie adopted in September 2016. He has been a great addition to our family and fits in remarkable well. He's no longer bossing Eddie (our black lab) around, they become good friends and sleep together often. Odie is the cutest little guy that we all very much love and adore.

Thank you for what you do!