Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Monday, February 05, 2018
Little Chata is a total joy. I love her so much. I saw a cartoon the other day... the human in the picture wondered what it's be like to win the lottery.... the dog in the picture said.... it feels like being rescued from a dog shelter... both Chata and I won the lottery when we came into each other's lives.

She is a precious puppy. 
Here's some pictures....   Hanging on the Beach,  Shopping for Beer,  Loving her bed,  New back pack

Showing off her new jacket



Amy Gowertz - Monday, February 05, 2018
We adopted our newest family member (originally called Butch and still called Butch) from LMR in October 2017. 

Butch came to us from a high kill shelter in California.  Although it's taken some getting used to the cold Calgary winter, Butch is slowly learning what snow is.  He loves his older brother Harley (one of the attached pictures shows him using Harley as a pillow) and follows him everywhere.  Butch also loves his dad and one of his favorite things is to lie upside down in the crook of dad's arm as dad gives him belly rubs, which makes Butch fall fast asleep.  Another of his favorite things is to sleep snuggled up to dad under the covers on the bed.

Butch has definitely made himself a home with us and we can't imagine our life without him.

Thank you so much to LMR for helping us find this amazing member of our family!


Butch, Harley, Craig, and Diane

Cali 2

Amy Gowertz - Monday, February 05, 2018
Life certainly gets away from you once in a while as I have been meaning to write to you and give you an update on Cali...

She is the most amazing little girl and we are absolutely over the moon! She and her new sister Maddy are inseparable, although Cali most certainly wears the pants in the relationship :-) Cali is slowly learning to play with toys (watching her sister has helped I think), and her new favourite game is fetch. Housetraining is coming along nicely and for the most part we are now accident-free.

She just had her third trip to Shampooch and the gals there were thoroughly impressed with how far she's come, she didn't even try to nibble in protest this time!! Although Cali can still be somewhat apprehensive of new people, she pops out of her shell very quickly now, especially if she knows she'll get some snuggles.

She is definitely a California Girl and is not terribly impressed with the cold. Her favourite thing is to snuggle up under the nearest blanket she can find or under the covers in bed, as well as her new heated pet bed that Santa got her for Christmas. Although, once the boots and coat are on, she also LOVES tunnelling in the snow as long as she can come running back into the warm as soon as she starts getting a wee bit chilly.

Cali's nickname is "my little lamb" and I keep saying I'm going to change my name to Mary, as she will follow me wherever I go. She is also incredibly smart and seems to understand every single word I say, training has been a breeze. She is absolutely the most loving, sweet, adorable little one, we love her so much, and we can't thank you enough for bringing her into our lives. I have attached a few more recent photos of Cali, isn't she just the cutest?!

Even my extended family is smitten with her. So much so that my Mom has decided she would also like to adopt another fur baby! She currently has a little man named "Scruff" (a Yorkie) and would love to give him a new brother or sister. Scruff is an awesome little dude who spends a ton of time at our house hanging with Cali and Maddy. I know she's been looking for a little while now but believe she also submitted an application to you guys today for Kona? My Mom is retired and is the softest, kindest person you will ever meet, and is also the one who gave me my passion for dogs, as we always had them in our lives from the day I was born (she's a sucker for a broken wing and would always take in anything with a heartbeat lol). I just wanted to give a personal recommendation for Cyndy Hogbin, even though I am sure you have many solid applications, as a viable applicant for Kona or another little furbaby as they become available for adoption.

Anyway, enough rambling from me for now. Thank you once again for all that you do for these beautiful souls. It is unfortunate that rescue is even a "thing" as none of them ever deserve the hand they were dealt, but without people like you, there wouldn't be second chances, and for that I am eternally grateful. We are all truly blessed to have ever experienced the unconditional love of an animal. If you ever want to stop by, our door is always open.

Jane and Cali 


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
We adopted " Stella " from you in Feb of 2017 she is a happy and energetic furry mad thing she walks us twice a day and it is surprising  coming from California she loves the snow. She is a loved member of the family and has added much fun and happiness to our lives...


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
 Little Miss Stormy is doing fantastic! We love her to bits and are so glad we had this amazing opportunity. 
She loves her furever home.

Shelley and Brent 


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
We've just passed the 5 year mark since adopting Belle. Hard to believe it has been that long already.

You'll be happy to know she is doing really well, now at 10 years old.  It's been a journey to get her healthy, but I think she is at her healthiest and spunkiest ever now. It took a while to figure out that certain antibiotics are hard on her, so now we avoid those. She's had a fair bit of dental work, and it appears that was her biggest issue. She is a lively dog now, and basically demands 3 long walks per day.   We think she was mostly ignored before, because although it takes a little longer, she does learn games and commands.  Late learner I guess.

We found an amazing dental specialist (Dr. Judy Rochette of West Coast Veterinary Dental Services) in Vancouver who has done wonders for her health, when local vets kind of threw up their hands.  Even managed to get a fair bit more range of motion in her jaw.

She's a sweet little dog who likes everyone, very well behaved, and fun to be with. A frequent flier to Vancouver to visit family...they'd probably send us back if we didn't bring her!

Bryan and Laurie

Darby - A.K.A. Elvis

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
I thought you might like to see some pics of Darby (A.K.A. Elvis!), and know how he's faring!

Darby's doing really well and has settled right into his new home.  He might have a food allergy that we're still working on identifying, and has a stubborn ear infection but we're working on that too.

Despite it all, he is a happy little guy and is SUCH a treasure!  So sweet, kind, funny, cuddly, smart, loves to play with his toys, go for walkies and best of all....CAR RIDES!!!  I do believe Darby is his happiest self when he's in the car!  It is impossible to get my keys out of the drawer without Darby hearing it and running to the garage door with great anticipation!!!

Thank you again so very much for this little guy...we were meant to be together  :)

Merry Christmas!


Maggie 2

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018

 Four years ago today I drove to Cochrane and picked up Maggie from her foster Mom, she had arrived just a few days before from L.A. It is hard to believe she has been with us this long ! She is such a wonderful little girl and we love her dearly. I am so thankful that we werechosen to adopt her and to have her in our family, thank you.


Poppy Now Auri

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
Thank you! She is. She suits us so well. We just adore her. We call her Auri (r - e) now. She wasn't answering to poppy so we changed it and she learned her new name within 3 hours. She is very intelligent. So smart she even locked herself in the car one day while it was running and was so patient while we waited for AMA!


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
Laney is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever known.  She accepted my other dog Coco as her sister incredibly quickly.  Now it's hard to find one without the other.  They sleep together, play together, and love sitting in the sun.  They sure each have their own personalities though.  Laney lets us know she wants to go outside by alternately looking at us and spinning in circles, thankfully, not by barking.  She settled into our routine very easily.  We adapted to her thing for sleeping under a blanket instead of on one.  Astoundingly, she did beautifully when my grandchildren 12 and 7 came to visit early in July.  

I wasn't sure about her name at first.  I know many people change their rescue's name when they adopt.  Laney seemed to respond to the name she was given, so I googled names that were similar in structure.  In the search, I learned Laney is sometimes a nickname for Elaine.  My mom's name was Elaine and she was the centre of my universe until her passing just over 2 years ago.  I decided Laney was a fitting name just as it was.  

All rescues come with some baggage and Laney has a few quirks that took some time to adjust to.  But then again, we all have some baggage in one form or another regardless of species.  We are incredibly happy with Laney and would recommend Little Mutts to anyone.