Happy Tails

Charmin (now called Karma) and Eli

Amy Gowertz - Saturday, January 30, 2010
Karma and Eli are great little dogs! Karma is definitely the alpha in my pack, along with old-man Eli who is the perfect gentleman. Karma loves her morning loves and massages while Eli in more of an evening snuggler. They both love their walks and to sleep with their dad while we watch tv. Treats are a BIG hit with both, and the occasional dish of soft food is always a big event. My pack is coming along quite well, and there it no shortage of attention and rubs for both my Karma-girl and Mr. Eli. Thanks Little Mutts for the perfect two dogs for me.


Amy Gowertz - Friday, January 29, 2010
Here are a couple of resized pics of Hannah and her new brother, Kenner.  I wouldn't trade my babies for the world.  Her picture is all over facebook and everyone loves her.  She is doing so great with the cold weather.  Her coat is fluffier [I trimmed it a bit] and her feet are tolerating the cold alot better too.  Her eyes still run and she takes a long time to eat. 
Thank you and hope you enjoy her photos,



Amy Gowertz - Sunday, January 24, 2010
My new mom and I got together in October 2009. It took a little while for us to get to know eachother because I was so scared after all I had been through and coming to Calgary on a big plane from California. I did not like the snow at first but now it’s fun. My mom puts a pink fur hooded sweater on me to go out. She says she wants to make Paris Hilton jealous. She bought me a Christmas party dress and when we go to deliver meals to seniors citizens on Sundays, they all tell me how beautiful I look.  My mom and I love eachother so much we never separate. We’d like to thank Little Mutts Rescue for helping us find love.

Kylie (now called Mo)

Amy Gowertz - Thursday, January 14, 2010

A couple of pictures attached.

Kylie has undergone a name change and now goes by Mo.  She's a crazy little mutt, full of curiosity and just loves to play.  The first picture is her at Nosehill Park.  She likes nothing better than an hour or so meeting other dogs and running along the trails.  The second picture is her at home, getting ready to take over the couch.  She's been a great addition to the house, and i've only had to replace one rug :)


Delgado (now called Diego)

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, January 13, 2010
Just a quick note with an update on Delgado.
He is doing very well!   The cat and him had one run in when they first met and ever since they stay away from each other.  It’s hilarious, they walk right by each other and don’t even look at each other.  I think Delgado is scared of the cat and the cat doesn’t know what to make of him yet.
He is settling in very nicely.   He’s smart, cuddly and full of energy.   He has brought a lot of joy into our home.   He sleeps in his bed, on the floor, next to me and waits until I get up in the morning and put him out to do his business.  He has not had any accidents in the house.     He goes for a minimum of two walks a day and really likes his walks.   He has other neighbourhood dogs he plays with and he’s really good around them. 
Attached are a couple of pictures of my little buddy!


Katie (now called Bella) and Ramona (now called Rhomie)

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, January 12, 2010
I have attached photos of Katie (now Bella) and Ramona (now Rhomie) who we also adopted. The pair have falling in love with each other and are now very good little play mates! They both love to cuddle with the family and run outside in the backyard. They both are very affectionate dogs who have become very attached to us. We are so happy with our decision to bring both Bella and Rhomie into our family.
Thank you!


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Brodie is a wonderful little dog, I really lucked out!

He has been a sweet companion, great happy personality, well trained and getting even better.

He lives with us on our acreage, and always stays close to home, is friends with the barn cats, and goes to my office, The Print Shoppe every day.

He loves to greet the customers, at home he very good with the grandkids.

I am so happy that we found each other, I think Brodie is very happy also.

Here are a few pics, he is so cute!



Amy Gowertz - Monday, January 11, 2010
Heyyyyyyyyyyyy its Reggie!
I didn’t forget about you all; I have been very busy training my people at my ‘furever home’.  Although what training... they are so sweet, and I’m glad to have them for the rest of my life.  I can almost catch a Frisbee in the air, and I do several performances that has all of us in stitches, and them giving me homemade treats in return.  There is lots of laughter and hugs.
 Its winter right now... very different than where I came from... Pavement, California.  What? Isn’t that a place...? Pavement?  Well, it was no dog cookie next to where I am now.  The only thing that’s very unappealing to me now is snow.  Even though I have three new winter coats, and Doc Martins dog boots, me and snow don’t mix.  However, I live with two bigger dogs... and the snow doesn’t bother them so much, so I pretend to be immune to the cold, quickly do the Doo-doo, bark once or twice if they do, and then I race to be the first back inside.  Inside is so awesome! I have pillows, blankets, and my favourite is cuddling with my mom.  I love proving to my Mom that I can be brave with the snow, and she’s always telling me what a good boy I am.  I walk with my tail high and chest out, my confidence is back again! The other new activity we as a family share is tobogganing! It’s very fast going downhill, and I ride with me inside my Dads jacket.  With this I would almost say snow can be fun... almost.  We are an outdoorsy family, and Mom talks a lot about hiking, camping, and fishing and swimming! My brother and sister wag their tails at this, so I look forward to the summer a lot. The sun is warmer, and many more things for my nose to explore... ‘Fun in the sun’, that’s what Mom and Dad say. Oh yeah, and Santa Paws got my forwarding address! He filled my stocking full of new toys, and safe yummy treats to chew on.  I’m very busy with chewing on these right now!
Speaking of my Mom, she models the rules, boundaries, and limitations of the Dog Whisperer! Which creates an atmosphere of balance, we are all equal, we are all very happy, tales a’ wagging, and blissfully at peace.  My mom is so cool, she is always home; she loves to make the perfect dog cookies, and a special food side dish that goes with every meal.  With her cooking, I could just eat myself into food oblivion!  To me there is no such thing as too much food, however according to Mom, there is.
I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the efforts of the rescue team network, which began in California; I wouldn’t be here, eating the highest quality of food, surrounded with toys, brothers and sisters, and love.  Oh my Gosh, lots of love.  So my heartfelt tail wags to my first foster person that ensured that Pavement was a past to forget; to the rescue unit that put my life into the welcoming hands of new foster persons, and their help that got me united with my furever family.
I’ll keep in touch,
Furever yours, always wagg’n, your Reggie.

Lodi / Loki (now called Oliver)

Amy Gowertz - Friday, January 08, 2010
Hope your holidays were good! Just wanted to let you know that Lodi is
still doing well (Though he has come to be known as Oliver in our house).
He is getting along well with Scout, and he is a lot of fun to have around
the house. We are working on learning sit and stay, though I am convinced
he knows the words, he is just stubborn! I have attached a few pictures
for you!

Salt (now called Abby)

Amy Gowertz - Thursday, January 07, 2010

Salt is now Abby. She is what I call Hyper Happy. Her tail is always wagging. She loves her sister Penny who is a rescue terrier mutt from the SPCA here in Red Deer. Abby loves the snow. She keeps asking to go out side so she can lick it and doesn't mind to have her paws clean out of all the ice. The best part is eating the little balls of ice that fall out. She has grown to a solid 20 pounds. We are about 95 percent house trained. She loves food. It's eat, then ask questions later. We just finished puppy school and failed. Part my fault; part her's. She would just rather play with the other puppies and lick all the people. So I think we will try this again later. She has been the best friend for Penny and they are inseparable. It gets really crazy around here sometimes. Stuffies don't last long, I think it's a race to see who chews them apart first.....
She just loves life.

Muzzles Abby
 and her mom