Happy Tails

Mary Jane (now called Poppy)

Amy Gowertz - Friday, May 07, 2010
Hi Amy and all other volunteers , here is an update on Poppy (formerly Mary Jane). Poppy is named after the state flower of California. When we got Poppy she cowered at everything, and was very underweight. She is now full of piss an vinegar and has gained weight. She loves to hang out with our other two dogs, and often cuddles up to them at night. Poppy loves the dog park, and has found her voice. She is no longer afraid to go outside, and she does not hide her food. Poppy is a very loyal dog, and will follow me around everywhere. She is a natural on the leash, and loves to check everything out. Thank you to your organization, we have found a great match! You are an advocate for those who have had a tough go at life. Little Mutts, thank you for the amazing gift you have given me. Sincerely, Sharlene, Poppy, Stoli and Gracie. 



Amy Gowertz - Monday, May 03, 2010
Hi Amy,

A sincere thanks for choosing us to adopt Jimmy the chihuahua x min pin on March 2, 2010. He is proving to be even more amazing than we thought. He has rounded out our little family beautifully. Jimmy is a cuddly, energetic, courageous pup who is learning to obey. He goes to work every week day with Steve who picks up and delivers inter-office mail for the city of Calgary. Steve's clients all look forward to seeing Jimmy and many supply treats for him. I was away for most of April and was wondering if Jimmy would remember me after only being with us for a month. I was blown away at how excited Jimmy was to see me when he and Steve picked me up at the airport. He is a wonderful protector of his people! When we let him out into the backyard to go pee, he often runs to the fence and barks even if the neighbours aren't out, just to make sure everyone knows he is on the job.

A special thanks to Mary who brought him to us the night we adopted him. She is a thoughtful and loving foster mom who is, as you well know, a tremendous asset to your organization. She is devoted and compassionate. We tell everyone that Jimmy is a rescue dog so people will know that these dogs are very adoptable.

All the best to you and your volunteers.

Steve and Cathy

Ginger (now called Macy)

Amy Gowertz - Monday, May 03, 2010
Ginger (now Macy) is doing so so so well and is definitely a 'Happy Tail'! Macy is incredibly outgoing and has the sweetest personality, which is a far cry from the timid little puppy she was the first few days we had her. She loves playing with all her toys, running at the off-leash park and cuddling on the couch at the end of the day. Her socialization with both people and dogs (especially bigger dogs) is greatly improving the more we frequent the dog park. Macy graduated from her puppy class several weeks ago, she learned all her basic commands and a few tricks along the way, she is a very bright dog. Macy is very athletic and we look forward to doing a lot more training with her.
Thank you again for seeing her potential and giving her a second chance. You guys at Little Mutts are doing a great job and we look forward to working with you again in the future!
Kailey & Brad 

PS - attached are a few pictures of Macy :)


Amy Gowertz - Monday, May 03, 2010
Sammie is asleep by my feet right now. He's already had a busy day in the backyard, including playing with his ball and killing a bee! Every day is interesting with Sammie.

When we first got him, he had some separation anxiety which saw our door scratched up, our bedroom blinds bent out of shape, and several pairs of shoes shredded. A friend got me a very helpful booklet on the topic from the Humane Society and now Sammie is much, much better. He actually could have been much worse. Our furniture remains intact and really, nothing important was wrecked. We always make sure he is calm and is interested in his Kong before we go now. He has also learned that mom and dad will come always come home.

He has learned how to sit, stay, roll over, play dead, lay down and shake a paw. It was a little tough teaching him tricks because he was so overly submissive. Whenever I would try teach him, he would roll over on his back. That made play dead the easiest trick to teach him and all the others more difficult.

He has tons of energy but has calmed down considerably since we 1st got him. He loves to play ball (quite agile as you can see in the photos) and eat his bone on his back while holding it in his "hands." He enjoys hiding his bone in the backyard, laundry, or blankets. He also likes hunting birds, flies, spiders, and (apparently) bees (which is a little alarming).

I have tons of pictures and videos. Sammie is our only child right now.

Thank you for our little mutt,


Missy (now called Poppy)

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Hi Amy & Cindy!
I am absolutely loving my forever home!  It took me a day to warm up to Amie and the kids, but now I love them more than ever.  I love to cuddle & nap with my people and I love to sit in the sunshine with the other white dog, Lily.  Lily is a poodle too, and she doesn't seem to mind me being around.  Apparently since I like to cuddle mom and dad so much, she has started to cuddle more too.  I don't mind sharing them, because I have lots of people to choose from for cuddles.  I met my new Gramma & Grampa and my fur aunties.  One of them is very loud toy poodle... she's old and crusty and likes to bark at me.  Gramma says she will get used to me soon.  My other fur auntie is a long haired chihuahua and she isn't too sure about me yet, but I know one day we will get to play.  Mom, Dad, Anika and Jacob take Lily and I for lots of walks so I get my crazies out.  I get a little crazy when the leash comes out, mom and dad keep correcting me.  I have to be calm before I get my leash on!  I really like to sleep in my kennel at night.  I feel safe in there.  I have so many toys here that Lily never played with, I'm so happy mom and dad kept them!  Last week I got my haircut!  Mommy couldn't believe how many spots I have.  I am so soft and cuddly now!  My groomer Kari said I was a little wiggly, but I will get used to it.  My family thinks it's funny when I sleep because I snore and have lots of puppy dreams.
I am so happy in my forever home, and I will never forget all of the special people who helped me to get to where I am now.  Thank you Amy and Cindy... without you I wouldn't be so happy!
Lots of love and puppy kisses,
Poppy (aka Missy)

Chrissy (now called Queenie)

Amy Gowertz - Friday, April 16, 2010

Hi Cynthia and Amy! 

Wow – did you pick the perfect home for me!!!  They treat me like the Queen that I am – they even call me Queenie now (although Ron insists on calling me Spike – don’t know what he’s thinking I am!!!!) and I learned my new name so quickly! (Of course it’s my proper title so I learned it easily!). 

My new mom loves me and spoils me in all the right ways!  She knows my favourite scratching spots (especially my tummy!) and it seems she can do most things and scratch me at the same time!  She even set me up with my own throne in the office so I can sit and watch her work (or… you know me….. curl up and nap!). 

I have my own seat in her truck – it holds my water, treats and fastens me in safe and sound AND it lifts me up so I can see out all the windows and everyone in the truck – so cool!  I learned right away that it was my seat and always has a nice warm blanket for me (did you know she has heated seats!?!).   I wait for her so patiently while she’s on jobsites and I’m looking forward to some road trips- it’ll be so much fun!  I didn’t care for the carwash though.  I do like the big window overhead – it means I can usually end up in the sun and snooze and it means I never get too hot.  Mom’s truck is pretty fancy – the seats have air-conditioning too!!

Of course being a California girl I’m still finding it a little chilly up here in Calgary – I have a new pink hoodie and a little vest and my new grandma has knit me my own sweater with my name on it!!!  A girl has to have choices!  And I have a new collar with some bling on it and a new harness and leash!  As long as mom doesn’t make me wear a silly hat – cool hats are ok but silly ones – no way!

I’m doing very well at going potty outside (I’ve had a couple times when they didn’t get my signals (people are sooo clueless sometimes) and then I just had to go on the rug!) and I have such a huge yard now!  There’s dogs all around the neighbourhood and I’ve met quite a few of them – they’re very friendly so I’ve been on my best behaviour with them. 

Did you know there are 2 little kids next door???  They just adore me and I have made them my most loyal subjects – their little hands are perfect for scratching my back and neck!!!! Mom even takes me to Sunday School with them and then I have lots’ of kids to play with!!! 

I’ve met my new vets.  They are a married couple and they have small dogs too!  (Pugs – but you can’t have everything!).  They like me too and it’s such an interesting place to sniff!

Mom and I love to have an afternoon nap on the couch (sometimes she’s just reading a book but it works for me!).  It didn’t take me long to figure out she’s the Alpha dog around here (just don’t tell the guys – you know how they think they are so special!!!)  I love my new siblings – Bernie and Max.  Their rooms are most interesting although Mom gets annoyed at what I find sometimes – what’s wrong with a little leftovers now and then?!?!?  I haven’t been able to find much lately – do you think they’ve caught on to me???  Oh well – I just give them my cute little looks and wiggle around – they’re really good then at going to the treat jar and getting me something.  I’ve even figured out what they mean by Sit!  I sit (quite regally even if I say so myself) and then they bend down and give me a treat!!!  These people are really easy to train!

I’ve only been on my own twice and mom got me a really nice kennel (pink of course!) with my own blanket and I slept the whole time!  Don’t tell them but I didn’t even notice they were gone! I didn’t even cry or fuss and they made such a big fuss over me when they got back – love it!!!! It’s nice having 4 people in my family – there’s always a warm lap around for me!

Well, time to get back to my new family.  Just wanted to say hello and let you know I haven’t forgotten everything you have done for me!  Thank you so much for rescuing me and finding me my furever home here in Calgary.

Regally yours,

Queen Chrissy

Weaver (now called Charlie)

Amy Gowertz - Thursday, March 25, 2010

My rescuers called me Weaver but I have a new name now. I’m Charlie but you can call me Chuck; sometimes Mom calls me Chuckles or Charlie Brown. Regardless, when she smiles and calls me to come I know I am loved and wanted.  I am originally from California. A state where most people care allot about what people throw out. Unfortunately somebody thought I was worthy of tossing. You'd be amazed how many good dogs find them selves without a home, no food, no safety. I tell you, it is hard to be a "Little Mutt" in a big dog world.  Just when I thought there was no hope my luck took a turn. I got myself a first class ticket to Canada thanks to the people at Little Mutts Rescue here in Calgary.  Now I  admit I had hoped for a place with a bit more of a tropical climate, but with my new ensemble of boots and a snazzy winter jacket it is bearable. That reminds me. I know lots of folks think that "Rescue Dogs" have been abandoned by previous owners because they are bad dogs or un-trainable but that’s just not true. I am a GOOD dog. Like allot of rescue dogs I came housetrained and have manners too. You won't find this little man lifting his leg inside the house. No Sir!   My Mom had intended just to foster me until I found my real home but it wasn't long before I had won her over and she realized what I already knew.....I was home! I don't mean to toot my own horn but I am very intelligent, gentle and affectionate. I'd consider myself a real people pleaser. I'm not a picky eater and I even eat my vegetables. I guess you could also say I am a real ladies man. I know some guys are leg men, but I am more of a "slipper man". OH how I love everything there is about ladies slippers. They are fluffy pieces of heaven if you ask me. I like to drag them into my bed and snuggle with them all night. I can't fall asleep without one.  My Mom thinks it’s funny to wake up and have to look for her slipper each morning. She never scolds me for taking them and just says that I am a cuddly little love bug. I have 2 new dog brothers named Tiger and Jaxon and a cat brother named Cecil.  It gets a little crazy in the house sometimes but what fun it is!  I also have a fantastic Dad and Granddad who I love very much.  In fact it was my Granddad who gave me my great name! Please open your hearts and homes to a rescued dog. It pain’s me to think that there are so many "Little Mutts" still waiting for that lucky break. Too many wonderful dogs are simply tossed into the streets or end up in kill shelters. Please check your local rescue instead of a pet store. Every dog deserves his day and a new home! I’m grateful for mine.

    Thank-you Amy for all that you do,

    Karen, Paul, Charlie, Tiger, Jaxon and Cecil

Gracie (now called Ella)

Amy Gowertz - Friday, March 12, 2010

Hi Amy!

I've attached a recent picture of Ella, who is now very comfortable with Booker T., as you can clearly see!

Thanks for all the great work you do,


Rock (now called Oakley)

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hi Ian,

I am finally sitting down after all these weeks to email you a little blurb
on Oakley.  I apologize for being so late in my response.  I do not know
where the time has gone...

Oakley has been a fabulous addition to our family of four.  Last December
when Little Mutts asked if we would be interested in fostering a puppy coming
up from LA we said we would love to help out.  As soon as Oakley came into
our home that night with one of your other volunteers we were in love with him. 
Within a day of having Oakley in our home we decided we wanted to keep him. 
We could not imagine our lives without him know.  Our older dog Rufus is nine
and is also a terrier cross.  The two of them seem to get along quite well. 
Oakley is pretty bossy and at times gets put into place by Rufus who is
obviously senior boss.  Oakley is second in rank.  :)We love him very much
and thank Little Mutts for bringing him into our family.

Erin, Terry, Mihalea, Julia, Rufus and Oakley

Macy (now called Mia)

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hi Amy, Shannon, Mary and the rescue team,


I would like to thank for giving Macy to my home. I am very happy to have Macy, my daughter named Macy with new name “Mia”. Here is the little story of Mia:

She is very jealous with Milo, Jasmine and Tazie (my cats). She is attached to me for every minute, Don and I love her. Her first trip to Armstrong (BC) with us. In general she is very good. She did not like the cold. We bought for her a jacket, but it is too small. We will bring to you for donation. She loves to sit beside the fireplace.

After giving her a bath, I have to turn on fireplace right away so she can be warm. There has been a few accidents (pee and poop) in the house. But we train her, now most of time she poops in the garage (she did not like to go outside)

Here is the pictures of her


Thanks again and keep rescue the little mutts. You guys are doing a wonderful job


Take care

Phuong, Don, Milo, Jasmine, Tazie and Mia