Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hi Little Mutts Rescue Team,
We'd like to say a big thank you to you all for bringing Sally into our lives. 
It's been just over three weeks and we already have over 100 photos of Sally so, as you can imagine, it was difficult to narrow it down to just this selection.
Sally has settled in great; she is such a happy little soul, we can't understand why someone would have given her up. 
She loves meeting new people and new dogs and has visited our relatives' homes where she had fun exploring and lots of cuddles; she has even met my family in the UK via Skype; her ears prick up when they call "Sally" - she loves curling up on my lap as we sit chatting.
Sally loves playing with her toys; her 'sausage moose', in particular, which has been lovingly chewed.  Playing fetch indoors is another fun pastime for us all and when she gets excited she does a little scoot around the whole living room; it is hilarious to watch!
Sally's favorite spot is in front of the fire; she loves the warmth and generally just being cozy on our laps, so we don't think she has been overly impressed with Calgary weather!  I'm sure if she could speak, we could hear her pleading..."take me back to the heat of Georgia"!!  We have dressed her for the sub-zero temperatures and the boots make a huge difference; we've been for lots of long walks, everyday, even in this recent cold snap, and her tail is still wagging high; she is really starting to have fun in the snow.  We could keep writing about all of the fascinating little things she does to make us laugh each day, but we need to leave space for more Happy Tails!
Thank you Cindy for taking the time to chat with us at the adoption day and for fostering Sally in the first place; she wouldn't have made it up here if it hadn't been for you and the rest of the Little Mutts Rescue team.

Thank you!
Chantelle & Ryan


Amy Gowertz - Friday, December 04, 2009
Hi Amy,
Our little Andi is full of beans! She is always on the go, and willing to learn new tricks. We've taught her to ring a "service bell" when she needs to go outside. It's quite amusing hearing the "ding, ding, ding, ding", when she needs to go!! When it's too quiet in the house, we can only assume she's up too no good, like chewing on iPod speaker wires. (Kendra is on her 3rd set! You think she'd learn!) But even with Andi's mischievous ways, she's a joy to have in our family, and fits right in. Thank you to Little Mutts Rescue for bringing Andi into our home!
Love from Nancy, Darrell and Kendra

Happy (now called Dezmond)

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, December 02, 2009
Dezmond joined our family in October, he has become a big part of our lives, and we would like to thank little mutts rescue for bringing us together. Dezmond loves playing with his brothers(monte, Dj, and beny), he loves playing with the bed sheets and his pink puppy waking up every day with loads of kisses, Dezmond makes everyday a new adventure and story to tell, to getting his teeth stuck in his blue ball or giving us a long speech when we get home .Dezmond is a big part of our lives and we look forward to all the great memories to come.
Thank you,

Toto (now called Henry)

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I am forwarding you a picture of Toto, now Henry taken just around Halloween
time. He is wearing a very scary skeleton tshirt :) I have some other
pictures which are very cute too but don't have them downloaded yet. Some
are from a family picnic where he played with my other dog and my sister's
dog. It involved a lot of goofing around in the water and he had a total

I think he is doing quite well all things considered. I can pick him up
pretty easily and he is much less afraid of people now. I took him to a
friend's house the other night and there were about 6 or 7 people there and
he did just fine. He even let a couple people pick him up and hold him.

His true personality is coming out now, he is a very vocal little dude and
has no issues with telling me what he thinks about having to go into his
kennel sometimes. He protects the house from strangers who must be very
afraid of him because they don't dare come into the yard :) He loves his
foster mom which is what I call my other dog Bailey. She has been so patient
with Henry and has really nurtured him. He utterly adores her!

I hope you and your pup are doing well - I hope to run into you at the dog
park one day and you can see Henry :)

Ezme (now called Stella)

Amy Gowertz - Monday, November 23, 2009
"Ezme", "Stella", "Estelle", "McScruff", "StellaBella".....
Thank you so much for bringing Stella into our lives!
She loves chewing tags, playing the sock game & cuddling with her sister Lola (a 2 year old chihuahua)
Stella follows us everywhere and is always curious to learn what we are doing!
She earned all her gold stars in her "mutts and manners" class and never seizes to amaze us!
We realize she has the determination to do anything (like carry binoculars to her bed)
She is always proud of her discoveries and doesn't destroy property that isn't hers!
My husband, Lola and myself cannot imagine life without her:)
Our furkids mean the world to us!
Thank you Amy!
Stella and Lola want me to remind you all to donate to Little Mutts Rescue!
We can't forget about the little mutts continually being rescued by Amy and her crew!
They need our help by donating our time and or supplies! Whatever you can do to help.

Blackie (now called Zoe)

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi Amy,

After a rocky start, Zoe has now settled in nicely with our family. It was
apparent that she had to fend for herself for a while as she would fight
our other dog for food, but that did not last for long. Zoe is a delightful
little dog, full of energy and always happy to see everyone in the morning.
Zoe really enjoys her walks and is very popular at our son's school,
eagerly looking for Jake and happy to accept love and affection from all
the other school kids. Zoe has appropriated the dog toys for herself and
loves to have them thrown so that she can retrieve them and return them for
another throw. She and Murry, our other dog, play well together now. Even
Mojo, our cat, has gotten used to the idea of Zoe in the house. Zoe is an
intelligent little dog and does not have a propensity to run off if she
gets out of the house on her own. Zoe had a cold when we adopted her and
her personality really developed as her health improved. The next major
event in her life was a spaying but she came through with flying colours
and the care that we received from the vet was great. It seems that all our
animals love the softest materials that they can find to lay on, so we
bought dog beds to control the number of blankets on the furniture. Zoe is
a great snuggler and loves to stretch out while she is sleeping. She is now
used to her new name. Zoe also loves to be taken whenever we go outside or
in the vehicle and imagines herself to be in control as her favourite spot
in the vehicle is actually on the lap of the driver. We discourage her from
riding there, but she can be very determined and quick to seize an opening
allowing her access to the steering wheel. With Autumn came an opportunity
to play with leaves blowing in the wind. She is great fun to watch and when
I have a leaf blower going I can create wind for her and then the game is
really on! The few days of snow that we have had were a new experience for
her, as were the cold temperatures. She is definitely used to sun and
warmth. Zoe has found a great home with us and we have a great dog that is
a welcome and treasured addition to our home. Thank you so much for
bringing us together!



Amy Gowertz - Monday, November 02, 2009

Patches (now called Neko) 2

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Neko and her new friend Chicken.


Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Here is a recent photo of our lovely Izzy. Thanks for all you do for these mutts, you are amazing.
Carole and clan.


Amy Gowertz - Thursday, October 08, 2009
Hi Amy,
Here's a Happy Tails story for you......
I just wanted to send you a picture of little Colby in his new Calgary home. He's a perfect little guy in every way; I can't imagine why anyone would've given him up; he's polite, affectionate, happy, and completely house-trained (he's never even had one accident since the moment he arrived)! We adore him, and I think he's pretty happy with us too....I can tell by the "happy dance" he does whenever we come in the door - It's the CUTEST thing! Since he came from L.A., he's not THAT impressed with the Calgary weather, but he puts his new coat on like a little trooper, and once we get to the off-leash....he forgets all about it. He's very loved - so THANK-YOU "Little Mutts Rescue" - He's very loved.
See you soon,