Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Here is a recent photo of our lovely Izzy. Thanks for all you do for these mutts, you are amazing.
Carole and clan.


Amy Gowertz - Thursday, October 08, 2009
Hi Amy,
Here's a Happy Tails story for you......
I just wanted to send you a picture of little Colby in his new Calgary home. He's a perfect little guy in every way; I can't imagine why anyone would've given him up; he's polite, affectionate, happy, and completely house-trained (he's never even had one accident since the moment he arrived)! We adore him, and I think he's pretty happy with us too....I can tell by the "happy dance" he does whenever we come in the door - It's the CUTEST thing! Since he came from L.A., he's not THAT impressed with the Calgary weather, but he puts his new coat on like a little trooper, and once we get to the off-leash....he forgets all about it. He's very loved - so THANK-YOU "Little Mutts Rescue" - He's very loved.
See you soon,


Carlisle (now called Harry)

Amy Gowertz - Thursday, October 01, 2009
Hi just wanted to let you know that Carlisle – now called Harry is doing great!  He has fit in really well with our family.  Our kids love taking him for walks with their friends.  He loves going to the bus stop and to school with our two girls in the morning, joining in with the school running club and hanging out at home.  For a terrier he plays a mean game of fetch!  Attached are some photos.  He is quite a little character and we’re sure glad we found each other.



Amy Gowertz - Thursday, August 27, 2009
I just wanted to drop you a note that Chico is doing just fine and he is adjusting pretty well here, in his new home.
We absolutely adore Chico and he is such a joy to have around. We find ourselves rushing home from work just so we can spend as much time together with Chico.
Since the weather is still really nice, walks are a must for Chico, he absolutely loves them! He walks with his head up high and is so proud walking with his new “Mom and Dad”. We also discovered that Chico loves to shop, especially when it’s a dog friendly store! As you see in the photos, he is wearing a brand new bomber jacket (which he loves to wear on cooler days) and he doesn’t even mind trying things on…as long as it’s for him.
Chico, Bruno and I are enrolled in a “Let’s Go!” obedience course starting in September. Of course Chico is very well behaved…it’s more for us!
Thanks again for bringing to our home such a bundle of joy!


Amy Gowertz - Monday, August 24, 2009
Things with Red have gone very well! He has settled into a happy, well behaved little guy and has fit right in to our little family. He loves to go for walks and is getting really great on the leash! He has seen the vet and was a total gentleman, which we were thrilled about. We will be working on his manners, but all in all, he's just happy to around people.

Thank you for answering as many questions as possible and for the services of Little Mutts. Good luck with your future mutts!

We're thrilled to have Red as a part of our family!

Mister (now called Finnegan)

Amy Gowertz - Monday, August 24, 2009
Here are some pictures Trever took this morning of Finnegan.  He and Cinder took us for a nice long walk before work this morning, and he was pretty mellow all day.  He even managed to win over the cleaning lady!


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We had Spiro into the vet today and you'll be pleased to hear that he
was given a clean bill of health.  He was awesome in the
vet clinic and didn't mind anyone petting him at all.  He truly is a
remarkable little guy!

We had Dr Caters check out a little lump on his right side chest and she
figures it's a birdshot pellet!  I was shocked knowing that this
beautiful dog had been shot at! 

All in all he had a good check up and we just wanted you to know that he
is doing super.  I have enclosed some pics we took so you can see he's
made himself quite at home.  Yes, that's the warm laundry he's curled up
on!  hehe

Take Care and we'll keep you posted on how our boy is doing.


Amy Gowertz - Friday, August 14, 2009
Hi! Thought you might like a few pictures of Spike. He is settling in well and we are having a great time together! He is such a quiet and cuddle loving dog - couldn't have asked for a bigger sweetheart!



Amy Gowertz - Thursday, August 06, 2009
Here are a couple of pictures of Mr Frisbee - I thought you may enjoy them.  He absolutely loved camping - and he got along great with my friends yellow lab.

Big Boy (now called Boomer) and Precious (now called Rosie)

Amy Gowertz - Monday, July 27, 2009
Rosie is doing great and we’ve all fallen in love with her.  Boomer is growing and is a sweetie too, enclosed are a couple of pictures.

We are enjoying Rosie she is a sweetie and her different barks are unreal.