Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018

An update about Melvin.

He and Ruby are getting along splendidly and we've been enjoying our long walks and his time with Ruby in the chariot we bought for them so we can take them out when we go running and biking!  We've gone to Petapalooza, Bowness park & Princess Island not to mention all around the river paths.

Melvin is an absolute sweetheart and such a gentle soul...we love him xo


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
Betty came to us from a hoarding puppy mill in California. Her rescuer who told us she had never been to worse conditions in the 20 years of her rescuing dogs.  Our little Betty is an 8 year old Maltese and is the light of my life. Her rescuer - a beautiful woman name Sandra explained it took 4 months to bring Betty to the point where she was adoptable. When she rescued Betty she was extremely malnourished and sickly. Her wonderful team cleaned her, fed her, operated on her and brought back from the brink. I believe these people have a special place in heaven reserved just for them!

Our little Betty arrived in our home not knowing how to climb up stairs, go potty on a pee pad. She had never been to a park, on a leash, in a car, she didn't understand simple commands because I believe she had been treated as a "thing" her whole life. She still doesn't know how to play, if I throw a toy at her she watches it go by and totally ignores it. Luckily I can bring Betty with me to work so she is with me constantly. She doesn't do well when she isn't near me. I am working on her confidence to be without me but as my vet explained, I am the first safe loving person she has had in her life (beside Sandra of course)  

We have an alpha female Westie named Callie and a rescue cat named Oliver. From the moment Betty entered our home both animals treated her with kindness. Callie lets Betty push her out of the way for food - and never barks or nips at her.  Oliver never hissed or hid from her. We always say it's like they could tell she needed be treated gently by them. When we take Betty to the dog park (which isn't often because the dogs are so big). The dogs come up, sniff her and walk away. The too seem to sense she needs to be treated gently. Amazing. 

She absolutely loves going for walks. It's the highlight of her day but it wasn't always that way. We started by carrying her on our walks because when I put her down she was so nervous she didn't know where to walk. After a few weeks we put her on a leash and walked her as far as she was comfortable. At first it was a half a block, then the whole block and then finally in the park. She just loves it. She runs and sniffs and finally started to go potty outside (only when we're on our walks) but I believe it's a good sign. She's figuring out she doesn't have to go potty where she lives. 

I don't care that she makes mistakes and doesn't always go on her pee pads. I have never given her trouble for her mistakes because she is so gentle, I just point to her pee pad and repeat - go pee pee on your pee pad and I lift it up for her to see. Commands to actions are very new to Betty. She has never learned a "language" so it's a bit slow going, but she's catching on. I expect it will take a least a year before our house is not covered with pee pads. My goal is to have one spot she goes to for her pee pads. The reality is that I see the big picture of where she came from, how far she has come in such a short time.  I know we have the rest of her lift to teach her. Really - what's a little mess here and there? It cleans up.

Betty was very very easy to fall in love with. Every day I tell her how much I love her and am so grateful she is in my life. I tell Betty's story to anyone who will listen in hopes that some other kind family will hear her story and adopt a beautiful rescue dog of their own. 

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to love Betty for the rest of her life.

Kim + Jay 


Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
We brought Smokey home February 4/17, he's doing absolutely amazing, he's the sweetest dog ever!
He loves sun tanning on our deck LOVES the dog park and he's also learned some new tricks, sit, lay down, and high five. The kids adore him and he adores them he sits outside their bedroom door and waits for them to wake up every morning it's the sweetest thing, He enjoys being pampered he can't get enough of his warm baths and loves going to the groomers for his face trim and nail trim. We went on a family vacation to BC in April and he did so good in the long car ride and he loved the beach. He's been the best addition to our family I can't thank you enough if we ever decide to add more little furry friends to our family we will be contacting you.  
Thank you some much

Chrissy Now Casey

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, February 04, 2018
(Formally Chrissy, we have changed her name to Casey; ) Casey is doing wonderfully and has adjusted to her new home and family. She loves to play with toys and spend time in her backyard. She always greets us with lots of kisses when we arrive home and of course loves her snuggles with her family.
We couldn't be happier with our little Casey girl!
Thank you for making the adoption process so easy! 

Chloe now Violet

Amy Gowertz - Sunday, June 25, 2017
We just wanted to let you know that Chloe, now Violet is doing really well. She is a very sweet, happy, playful girl. She has so quickly and easily transitioned into our family and we feel so blessed to have her.  Violet loves her walks, her food and treats and when she's not racing around at top speed she's laying in a patch of sun.  We cannot thank
"Little mutts rescue" enough for what they do. Thanks to all the volunteers and foster parents


Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
We adopted Bella - the chiquawa/whippet. She is a very sweet dog and we spoil her. She has the run of the back yard and loves the warm weather. I will send you pictures and also I want to get her microchip changed to our names.  We love her very much and she is fitting in awesomely. She loves to ride in the vehicle so when we go on holidays we will all enjoy it.

Iris 2

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
I adopted Iris and welcomed her into my home in December 2016.  She is
a lovely little dog that was rescued from California.  Her first few
weeks at my home, she was reluctant to go outdoors (must have wondered
about all our snow?) but has since come to love the backyard and going
for walks.

Iris has become so much a part of my family, it’s hard to remember
what life was like without her. She enjoys short road trips with me
but particularly takes pleasure in her role as official lap dog and
truly loves being close and snuggling. I can’t tell you how much joy
she brings me when she greets me with her "little happy dance"

She has established friendships with all my family and is excited when
they come to visit.

I am grateful for the Little Mutts for bringing us together. I wish
you every success in your future rescue work.


Stanley 2

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
We just wanted to give you an update on how Stanley's doing! In short, he is doing awesome :). He adjusted to life in our home really quickly, and has continued to be a laid back, go with the flow guy. He was initially a bit unsure of our rabbit Lyla, but after a few meet and greets with her, he's gotten used to her!

Stanley loves going on long walks with us, and then settles down for naps when we get home. He is eating the doggie stew we made for him really quickly when we feed him. He also seems to love the kibble we bought him, so we use it for most of his treats!

Today we went down to the Sue Higgins dog park in the south, which is a fully enclosed park. We initially had him on a long leash to work on his recall (he gets easily distracted!), but then we let him off leash for a bit. He was pretty good! He loves meeting dogs and people, but so far hasn't really been into playing with the dogs. We will see if that changes if he meets the right dog.

Stanley sleeps in our bed with us, and thankfully is not an early riser! We keep looking at Stanley and remarking how incredibly lucky we are to have found this dog! He is everything we were looking for in a dog, and has been almost issue-free so far. We absolutely love him!

We have bought Stanley a new harness, so we can return your harness when we see you next! Finally, we have been working on training. He loves his kibble, so it has been pretty easy to hold his attention so far. There's a link below to a video we took yesterday of Stanley sitting on command!

Thank you again for all of your help. We are so happy with our new dog! 


Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Little Masin has been such a great addition to our family! He still is shy and uncertain about new people, but he has become very attached to our family and his dog sister, Pepper. He loves to be constantly pet and will paw at you if you take your hands off him for more than 10 seconds. He loves to cuddle and sits on our laps for hours every day. He loves to go on lots of short walks. Masin has a very special place in our heart and we are so glad he is ours! 

Maxine Now Millie

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Just to let you know that Maxine has settled well into our family.  Her name is now Milly and she is truly a delight.  The first meeting with our two cats went well.  I would say she has been around cats before as she was quite comfortable with them checking her out.  They are indifferent to her as they are to our other dog but in our world if there is no hissing and spitting it is a success.  She has made herself at home and seems to be quite happy to be here.