Happy Tails

Daisy 2018

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We adopted Daisy from Little Mutts in February.  We have another dog, Snookie that we also adopted from Little Mutts six years ago.  To be honest, we were not looking to get a second dog, I was on the Little Mutts website looking for someone else, but fell in love with Daisy’s picture and bio.  Adopting a second dog was definitely the right decision for our family. Daisy came from California, so moving out to the Canadian Rockies was definitely a climate change for her.  Once suited up with a pair of doggie boots, she was ready to go!  She loves the snow!   And tolerates wearing a winter jacket.  The first night at our house, Daisy was in the family room with us all, but chose to sit in a chair by herself.  That was the last time we’ve seen Daisy sit by herself, she is now always curled up on someone’s lap or sitting close to Snookie.  Daisy is a very affectionate dog and is great with our two kids aged 11 and 13.  We have also noticed that Daisy has become very protective of Snookie, the two bonded right from the start.  When on walks, if another dog tries to get into Snookie’s space, Daisy quickly steps in

We do not know very much about Daisy’s past.  I am baffled how this little sweetie ever found herself needing a home, but the important thing is that she is part of our family now.  I do know two things for sure.  One, Daisy is now in her forever home and we love her to bits!  Two, a dog proof kitchen garbage is required with Daisy in the house!

I would also like to add a BIG thank you to Michelle, her foster mom (also Snookie’s foster mom).  It is because of people like you that these dogs find their forever homes!


I've attached two photos, one with her and Snookie cuddled together and one with a pair of sunglasses on Daisy -- I love this one b/c the reflection in her glasses shows the view from her forever home :)



Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Chewie has been with us now for almost 2 months and we can hardly a remember a time when he wasn't. He is such a an easy fit as a member of our family; we just love having him with us. And he seems to feel the same!  While he loves the entire family, Chewie is very attached to his adopted mom. If she is in the house but not where he can see her (or sit on her), he either goes to find her or whines until she comes back.  
Over the past couple of months we have gotten to know his personality and continue to see more facets of it everyday. He loves to burrow under blankets (and is spoiled by his adopted mom and dad allowing him to sleep in their bed under the covers), play tug - he is so gentle about it! - and fetch, with his toys. He has even worked out a system where he plays by himself, stepping on the tail of the one toy to get it to "tug" with him - so cute!  On our walks, he makes sure all the other neighbourhood dogs know he has been there....at every bush, every tree...
Chewie is a smart boy and has adapted extremely well to our household.  We work on new routines and commands regularly (still working on "sit" - he's a dancer, not a sitter!) and he picks them up quickly.  He has gotten use to our daily routines, and seems to know, now, that when we leave the house, we will actually be coming back to give him more love.  We look forward to continuing to discover Chewie's little quirks (chihuahua's have many!) and all the other facets of his personality.


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

We are happy to say our fur baby is doing extremely well. It was a big adjustment for him but he has settled in with my family quite well. His name is Marvin, we kept the name he came with. He has come a long way from the first day we brought him home. He was afraid of going up and down the stairs, but after a few days he got over that fear. He still don’t like to go on walks, but he’s getting better. He loves to sit with us and have his belly rubbed. His favorite thing. He has brought so much joy to our family. We all love him dearly.

Mabelline now Maggie

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I have had a wonderful time with our new little girl who was Mabelline and now answers to the name of Maggie. We had a wonderful introduction to our little girl from Cynthia and we fell in love straight away, since then our love has grown and grown. Maggie is a wonderful little girl very loving and playful, she settled in with her older brother Scruff so easily. Maggie has given us so much love its unbelievable considering what she must have gone through. No words of thanks would be enough to thank you all. We are a very happy little family and looking forward to our summer of trailering and long walks in the woods. Thank you Cyndy, John, Scruff and Maggie


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Cuddles and I are doing great! She's very much at home now and is getting used to her extended family, canine and human. She also loves her walks and all the wonderful people and dogs that she meets on them. People are always very surprised to learn that she is a rescue and that she's so obedient and affectionate. Thank you so much for bringing Cuddles here!


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I'm very happy to have Chester as part of the family. He's only been with me just over 5 weeks, but I feel like he's been here forever :)

He has a lovely disposition and is getting along with his sister, Daisy, really well! I'm actually surprised at how accepting Daisy is of him. I was worried about the transition, but it has been very smooth. He loves belly rubs and just being close to people. He's met a few people outside of the family and has been wonderful with all of them.

Chester has some challenges, with incomplete cataracts in both eyes so we are exploring our options with the vet to make him more comfortable. He is making progress every day and learning to move around with confidence!

He's not able to go down steps, but is making progress going up steps (deck steps and inside the house). He is learning to navigate around the house pretty well. I make sure to have the stairs blocked off as he's not always aware when he's close to the edge. No falls so far!

He's finding his voice - loves to bark when he's outside or when he hears birds or other animals. Also, now that the snow has melted, he loves to kick up the grass and dirt, it's so funny to watch him!

He loves his new food. He has a hard time eating anything crunchy, so he is responding well to soft homemade food (chicken/beef and veggies, cooked). According to the vet, he will need a few more teeth extracted (his incisor teeth were removed prior to his adoption) in the coming months. I'm working on brushing his teeth! He's actually responding well to that, doesn't give me too much trouble :) The vet said he had a cleaning recently, so that was good news!

Here are some pictures of him. He was groomed his first week, so he looks quite different with short hair!

Joey and Kelly

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Joey and Kelly are doing fantastic! They are settling in very nicely in their new home. They love riding in the car, the off leash park and just hanging out in the backyard. They are meeting lots of doggie friends are not as anxious as they were when I first adopted them. They are such good buddies and I can't imagine them being apart from each. I work from home so they spend a lot of time with me. Can't wait to get them out hiking in the mountains this summer! As you can see from one of the photos they have also bonded with the cat.


Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I adopted Daisy 7 months ago. She was a very anxious dog from the beginning and didn't trust men or children. In new situations, Daisy would tremble and shake, although she was always a sweetheart and was not an aggressive dog. I first met Daisy 6 weeks before I brought her home, and over the course of those 6 weeks she and I built a relationship at her foster mom's home. The day I brought her home she never looked back. She has been getting stronger and more confident every day. Although she still gets scared inside elevators and on the c-train, and has trouble letting anyone but me groom her, overall she's very curious about people and especially children. She loves to be outside and roll around in the grass, so we go for three walks a day. All the neighbours know her - if anyone tries to pet her she's flighty (although when they have their back turned she'll follow them to get a whiff of their scent)! Other dogs bring out the puppy in her, she loves to bounce up to the neighbourhood dogs and challenge them to a race around the block. She always wins. Daisy also has a mischievous side to her that comes out at home. She likes to zoom around the house and over the furniture, steal all my socks and hoard them under my bed, and leave me bones and snacks under my blankets. 

I'm really happy Daisy chose me to come home with. She's made my life a lot brighter. She has a lot of love to give and is happy and at peace now.

I've attached some pictures of Daisy the first day I brought her home to now.

Take care,


Oliver formerly Sparkie

Amy Gowertz - Monday, February 12, 2018
Oliver (formerly Sparkie) found me in April last year. He brought with him joy, happiness, laughter and smiles. He has made my house a home.  Little Mutts made this process so easy. 

Tika formerly Violet

Amy Gowertz - Monday, February 12, 2018

I adopted Tika (formerly Violet) on May 18, 2017. She’s from California, she was on the streets with her puppies when you guys found her. Tika was spayed and sent straight to Calgary. Naturally, she was a bit out of sorts from all that. Her foster mum was so great and encouraging. Even though Tika wouldn’t come near me at first, her foster mum assured me she just takes a bit of time to warm up. It was about 6 hours after she got to my house before she curled up on my lap and it was an instant connection. She has done well in the snow, she doesn’t really like her jacket. As soon as I take her jacket off, she rips around the house, it's really funny. I absolutely adore her, and I love her so much! She has so much personality (as you can see from our pictures). She definitely loves to snuggle, and sleep under the covers. She is really good with other dogs, and she loves cats. She knows a lot of tricks now, she has recently learnt how to roll over without any help from me. I’m a proud mummy! Thank you so much Little Mutts Rescue for everything you do and for giving me Tika.

"Rescue dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don't pity a rescue dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side" Quote unknown

Thanks again, 
Justine & Tika