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Amy Gowertz - Sunday, June 23, 2019
We kept his name ‘Benji’ because it really suits him!

Benji has come a long way in one year.  For the first few days we were afraid he would never want to leave his crate, and now he’s the boss!  He is definitely not at man’s dog, but he has warmed up to Arnold, my husband, now and snuggles up to him on the couch. But he is still wary of him as soon as he stands up. 

He loved his walks at first and then, last September, I took him outside in the morning just when about six balloons were going over our house and the sound of the hot air being released really spooked him.  He has never wanted to walk around here since - except at night, funnily enough.  He would just shake like a leaf.  And then, yesterday (June 6) all of a sudden he decided it is safe to walk around here again.  I’ll remember to watch out for the balloons this September!

He loves playing fetch with toys so we think he must have been taught to do that at some point.  We are still trying to determine how good he is with other dogs.  We are not sure whether he wants to play or be combative, but we think it depends on the dog.  As far as people are concerned, he has never once tried to nip anyone, no matter how scared he might be. 

He was estimated to be 3 years old when we got him, but we think he was still in the puppy stage.  He still loves to chew slippers and cushions, etc. but he’s getting a little better.  He is so much fun to have around though, not matter what he does.  

The first picture is of him taking shelter under a stool when it is thundering, just after we got him.  The second one is very recent.
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