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Buddy formerly Howard & Buster

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, July 17, 2018

About a year ago I adopted Buddy (formerly Howard) and Buster from Little Mutts.  I had previously had four small dogs and sadly had lost three of them, two quite recently.  I decided to adopt a younger dog in order to bring that life and joy back into the house.  We ended up adopting Howard approximately one years old.  He is a real little devil (a lovable one though) and took over the household right away.  I don't think my twelve year old Papillon knew what hit him!  Buddy took no time at all to stake out his favorite places to sleep and favorite toys to play with.  He learned the dog door in about three hours and now pops in and out to do his business and bark at anyone passing by.  He tried desperately to get the Papillon to play tug and to chase him around the house, but it was just wearing him out.  Hence, our adoption of Buster about a month later.  Buster (approx. 3 years) is the sweetest little boy and fit into the household really well.  All he wants is to be petted and have his tummy rubbed.  He and Buddy play tug frequently and chase each other around the house, especially at bedtime.  Buster took a little longer to learn the dog door, about three days but now really enjoys the outdoors, especially during the warmer days.  He patrols the fence or just suns himself on the patio.

Out of curiosity I had their DNA sent in to see what breeds came up.  Buddy, the black one, was listed as Chihuahua/Corgi cross, he came back as Chihuahua/Jack Russell/American Staffordshire Terrier, so now I call him my little Pit Bull.  Buster(brown) was listed as Terrier Mix and came back as Jack Russell/Bichon Frise/Poodle.  He was quite a scruffy little mutt and as we were shaving our Papillon for the summer we had him cut back too.  As you can see from the before (Buster1, Buddy and Buster) and after (Buster3) pictures, he turned out to be quite a handsome boy under all the scruff.

Everyone has fit in quite well, and though they still have their occasional squabbles (like any brothers), they get along well.  They have definitely brought the joy and laughter back to the house and even livened up my twelve year old.  He never really played with his previous siblings, so he's learning new games and has adapted well to the younger boys.  Buddy makes us laugh as he struts around the house like the boss of everything he sees, until he isn't feeling well or has hurt himself, then he turns into the biggest baby and wants to be picked up and cuddled.  Buster just takes everything in stride and loves to sit beside me on the couch and have his tummy rubbed.  We are truly grateful to Little Mutts for allowing us the opportunity to bring these dogs into our lives.

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