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Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018

I'm very happy to have Chester as part of the family. He's only been with me just over 5 weeks, but I feel like he's been here forever :)

He has a lovely disposition and is getting along with his sister, Daisy, really well! I'm actually surprised at how accepting Daisy is of him. I was worried about the transition, but it has been very smooth. He loves belly rubs and just being close to people. He's met a few people outside of the family and has been wonderful with all of them.

Chester has some challenges, with incomplete cataracts in both eyes so we are exploring our options with the vet to make him more comfortable. He is making progress every day and learning to move around with confidence!

He's not able to go down steps, but is making progress going up steps (deck steps and inside the house). He is learning to navigate around the house pretty well. I make sure to have the stairs blocked off as he's not always aware when he's close to the edge. No falls so far!

He's finding his voice - loves to bark when he's outside or when he hears birds or other animals. Also, now that the snow has melted, he loves to kick up the grass and dirt, it's so funny to watch him!

He loves his new food. He has a hard time eating anything crunchy, so he is responding well to soft homemade food (chicken/beef and veggies, cooked). According to the vet, he will need a few more teeth extracted (his incisor teeth were removed prior to his adoption) in the coming months. I'm working on brushing his teeth! He's actually responding well to that, doesn't give me too much trouble :) The vet said he had a cleaning recently, so that was good news!

Here are some pictures of him. He was groomed his first week, so he looks quite different with short hair!

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