Happy Tails


Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Chewie has been with us now for almost 2 months and we can hardly a remember a time when he wasn't. He is such a an easy fit as a member of our family; we just love having him with us. And he seems to feel the same!  While he loves the entire family, Chewie is very attached to his adopted mom. If she is in the house but not where he can see her (or sit on her), he either goes to find her or whines until she comes back.  
Over the past couple of months we have gotten to know his personality and continue to see more facets of it everyday. He loves to burrow under blankets (and is spoiled by his adopted mom and dad allowing him to sleep in their bed under the covers), play tug - he is so gentle about it! - and fetch, with his toys. He has even worked out a system where he plays by himself, stepping on the tail of the one toy to get it to "tug" with him - so cute!  On our walks, he makes sure all the other neighbourhood dogs know he has been there....at every bush, every tree...
Chewie is a smart boy and has adapted extremely well to our household.  We work on new routines and commands regularly (still working on "sit" - he's a dancer, not a sitter!) and he picks them up quickly.  He has gotten use to our daily routines, and seems to know, now, that when we leave the house, we will actually be coming back to give him more love.  We look forward to continuing to discover Chewie's little quirks (chihuahua's have many!) and all the other facets of his personality.
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