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Daisy 2018

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 16, 2018

We adopted Daisy from Little Mutts in February.  We have another dog, Snookie that we also adopted from Little Mutts six years ago.  To be honest, we were not looking to get a second dog, I was on the Little Mutts website looking for someone else, but fell in love with Daisy’s picture and bio.  Adopting a second dog was definitely the right decision for our family. Daisy came from California, so moving out to the Canadian Rockies was definitely a climate change for her.  Once suited up with a pair of doggie boots, she was ready to go!  She loves the snow!   And tolerates wearing a winter jacket.  The first night at our house, Daisy was in the family room with us all, but chose to sit in a chair by herself.  That was the last time we’ve seen Daisy sit by herself, she is now always curled up on someone’s lap or sitting close to Snookie.  Daisy is a very affectionate dog and is great with our two kids aged 11 and 13.  We have also noticed that Daisy has become very protective of Snookie, the two bonded right from the start.  When on walks, if another dog tries to get into Snookie’s space, Daisy quickly steps in

We do not know very much about Daisy’s past.  I am baffled how this little sweetie ever found herself needing a home, but the important thing is that she is part of our family now.  I do know two things for sure.  One, Daisy is now in her forever home and we love her to bits!  Two, a dog proof kitchen garbage is required with Daisy in the house!

I would also like to add a BIG thank you to Michelle, her foster mom (also Snookie’s foster mom).  It is because of people like you that these dogs find their forever homes!


I've attached two photos, one with her and Snookie cuddled together and one with a pair of sunglasses on Daisy -- I love this one b/c the reflection in her glasses shows the view from her forever home :)


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