Happy Tails

Dora the Explorer

Amy Gowertz - Monday, September 24, 2018
Little Dora is doing amazing. She is one spoiled dog. She gets to sleep with me ….. she goes on 2 to 3 long walks a day. She has quite a large vocabulary of commands. She knows the routine and is pad trained along with outdoor trained. She loves a wet food and a dry food we found she finally will gobble up. After lots of treats bought she does not like, we finally found one from Costco she can’t wait to gobble up. She loves to either sit on my knee or right beside me. She has been to the groomer 3 times in 6 months and loves to be pretty. We have had to go to the vet a couple of times because of ear infection and a bacteria that had to be treated. She is fine and doing well. She gets to fly with me and has had 4 flights in 6 months. She loves the attention she gets in the airport and on the plane. She gets to sit on my knee as she is an emotional support animal. We picked each other. She loves children and especially my grandchildren. She is the perfect watch dog and will let me know when someone is at the door. Dora can swim and loved it in Winnipeg on the beaches. She makes she I get to bed at a reasonable hour or she will let me know its time to come to bed. She is perfect in every way. 


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