Happy Tails

Pogo and Archi

Amy Gowertz - Saturday, November 03, 2018

This is Pogo (puggle) and Archi (chi) both LMR fosters for us.  Pogo was our foster dog #21 that we adopted in July 2014.  Pogo has been a great addition to our family but as we fostered more and more dogs, he would get very very sad when the dog we were fostering got adopted.  So, in Feb 2018, Archi this little skinny undernourished Chi came into our home as a foster.  Well, we could see the two of them became instant friends and we did not have the heart to tear away another foster from Pogo so Archi became a permanent resident in our home as well.  You can say we adopted Archi for Pogo

Pogo is foster dog #21 for us and Archi is foster #74. These two are very compatible, as you can see by the photos.  We continue to foster but it is a much easier time for Pogo when the fosters leave now because he knows Archi is here to stay.  While Pogo is caring and very in tune to how everyone in the house is feeling, Archi is just a happy busy body that can entertain himself by moving the dog toys from one end of the room to the other end and then back again.  We are so happy to be fostering for Little Mutts Rescue and so grateful this brought these two angels into our lives.  They put a smile on all our faces and of most of the visitors that come into our home as well.     

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