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Sophia #2

Amy Gowertz - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Sophia now goes outside ALL the time for a pee, even in all this snow. Even though she is from California, she has no problem with our record amounts of snow. We have shoveled paths in the yard for the four dogs. She's a real trooper. She barks at us whenever she wants something. She would really love to be able to talk. 

Sophia and Felix love to cuddle up together for an afternoon nap. Sophia likes to get a bird's eye view of things, so she gets up on the back of the dog bed, or in this case, on the card table in front of the patio doors. She likes to look out the window when we're driving too. 

She's quite the acrobat. She jumps from the floor to the dog couch; from the dog couch to the card table and then to the armchair. She loves to play and is usually the one who initiates it. She'll play with the big dogs as if she were a big dog.

Chewing big bones is her favorite thing to do (besides eat) and when she's done munching, she'll throw the bone up in the air and run around with it. She has become the life of the party around here. 

We are so grateful to have Sophia in our lives and a part of our family and I'm sure Felix is happy to have a cuddle buddy.

Thanks again for all you do for the animals.

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