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Update on Diamond

Amy Gowertz - Tuesday, September 25, 2018
One photo is Diamond cuddled up on my colourful blanket, at my feet, on Canada Day.  The other photo is Diamond hogging my bed - which she is exceptionally good at doing every night.  It's taken a little while for her to realize that she's here to stay, but now she's a cuddly little girl, and is sometimes even a "Velcro" dog.  Whomever had her before she was found on the streets trained her exceptionally well.  She's got a lot of terrier in her, so she's programmed to run after cats, squirrels, etc., but I have a story to tell....We were both outside (no fence, not leashed) as I took some garbage to the townhouse complex bin.  She will not leave the yard, and just waits for me.  I was about halfway back when I saw a jackrabbit out of the corner of my eye - and Diamond saw it at the same time.  I hollered "Diamond, No. Leave it!" - and she stood still and just watched the rabbit run away!!  How's that for awesome training?  So, whomever decided not to adopt her because she was 12 years old, and left her so we could adopt her - we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, because she's an absolute treasure.

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